Toro Sand Pro 2040Z

There is nothing else like the all-new Toro® Sand Pro® 2040Z. With a zero-turn design, the Toro Sand Pro 2040Z infield groomer delivers unmatched maneuverability and productivity. Turn on a dime for easy grooming around bases and obstacles. Power steering provides effortless driving via two independent control sticks. If you can drive a zero-turn mower then the Sand Pro 2040Z will be a breeze.

With a twin cylinder, air-cooled Kawasaki® 12.2 hp (9.1 kW) gasoline engine, the Toro Sand Pro 2040Z is powerful enough to easily climb in and out of bunkers and quickly transport over hills without bogging down. The unitized transmission design minimizes hydraulic lines and connections for reliable performance with minimal maintenance.

Available attachments include the nail drag/flex groomer, drag mat finishing, light kit, mesh bag kit, speed limiter kit, rake holder and seat suspension kit.

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