Exmark Stand-On Spreader Sprayer | Advanced Technology

The new Exmark Stand-On Spreader Sprayer is an industry leader in turf management vehicles. It has a durable stainless steel frame and a hydrostatic Subaru EX27 engine capable of ground speeds up to 5.5 mph. The model also introduces several new innovations in versatility, control, and comfort.

Exmark Stand-On Spreader Sprayer

Benefits & Features

  • Lean-to-Steer Technology | Advanced controls allow the operator to direct vehicle motion with one hand, including steering and forward/reverse speed. With a free hand, operators can easily operate the sprayer or perform spot jobs with the spray wand.
  • Agitation System | The innovative agitation system includes two induction nozzles inside a 20-gallon tank. It mixes chemicals and provides enough agitation to keep them in suspension, resulting in increased spray consistency.
  • Intuitive Controls | The new layout is specially designed to put everything you need at your fingertips. Maintain complete control of the machine and make quick adjustments on the fly.
  • Spacious Hopper | The hopper has an increased capacity of up to 175 pounds. The unit can also hold an extra 50 pound bag in a carrier on top of the tank.
  • Operator Comfort | The remodeled platform is built from stainless steel with isolation mounts to ensure a comfortable a ride even on rough terrain. Lock the platform up or down to minimize trailer space and make storage easier.

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