1st Products VC-60 Vertical Cutter | Efficient, Easy to Operate

The 1st Products VC-60 Verti-Cutter sets a new standard among vertical mowers. It includes a patented swing-hitch that increases maneuverability, allowing the unit to turn during operation. Large 12” diameter blades combined with a powerful belt drive provide a fast RPM that increases the overall cut quality. The new VC-60 Verti-Cutter is heavy duty, competitively priced, and easier to operate than ever.

Thatch removal is essential for proper turf management, and the VC-60 is designed for continuous operation in any application. The powerful blades are capable of deep cutting with minimal turf disturbance. Built-in pivot points in the hitch allow the unit to easily navigate over uneven terrain. It also centers automatically and locks for transporting.

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