Ness Turf offers the best selection of brand name ag and turf equipment in the Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific Region. With over 350 different products available, we have exactly what you are looking for - from aerators and mowers, to golf carts and utility vehicles, to chippers and grinders. We sell directly to landscape contractors, golf courses, resorts, state, federal and city governments, schools and universities and homeowners. 

Use the product line grid below to learn more about the products offered by each brand. Simply click on a brand logo and you will be directed to the manufacturer's product website.

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 ToroExmarkClub CarGearmore IncMorbarkBernhardHarper Industries1st ProductsVentrac
 ToroExmarkClub CarGearmore IncMorbarkBernhardHarper Industries1st ProductsVentrac
All Locations (A)
Guam Only (G)
AeratorsXX X   XX
BackhoeX  X     
BlowersX     X X
Brush Processors   X    X
Chemical ApplicationX  X     
ChippersX  XX X  
CompactorsX  X     
Compact Drills         
Compact Tractors        X
Cultivators   X     
Diggers & AugersX       
Discs   X     
EdgersX       X
Golf Carts/VehiclesX X      
Golf IrrigationX        
GrapplesX  X    X
Hydraulics   X     
Hedge Trimmers        X
Hydraulic BreakersX  X     
MowersXX X    X
Rear Tractor Blades   X     
Reel and Bedknife Grinders     X   
Shredders   X  X  
SpreadersX  X    X
SweepersX  X  X X
Top DressersX  X     
Tree Chippers and Tub Grinders    X    
TrenchersX  X    X
Trimmers & Brushcutters        X
Turf VacsX     X X
Utility LoaderX       X
Vertical Mowers       X 
Vibrating Slicers       X 
Water Pumps   X     
AccessoriesXXXXXXX X
 ToroExmarkClub CarGearmore IncMorbarkBernhardHarper Industries1st ProductsVentrac


Ness Turf Equipment Product Lines


The global leader in turf maintenance equipment. View full product line

Toro Dingo Compact Utility Loaders
High quality, durable product line of utility loaders that get the job done right.

Toro RLC (Residential and Landscape Contract Equipment)
Increasing productivity with the perfect blend of performance, precision and reliability. View complete product line.  (Sold through Dealer Network).

Professional-grade engineering that delivers innovation, quality and value. View complete product line. (Sold through Dealer Network)

Club Car®
The industry leader in golf, utility and transportation vehicles with the most efficient, high quality product line that delivers long-term value each and every time.

Gearmore Inc
High quality, durable compact tractors that get the job done. View complete product line.

The most durable product line available - sturdy fabrication, superior hydraulics and the highest quality, wear part materials.

The top choice for mower systems - over 75% of the US Top 100 and over 65% of the World Top 100 golf courses choose Bernhard.

Harper Industries
Innovative, high quality turf equipment product line that will save you time.

1st Products
Reliable and efficient turf equipment solutions. View complete product line.

All-wheel drive compact tractors provide unmatched versatility and control to help you get the work done. View complete product line.


Ness Turf Product Features


Toro Greensmaster eTriFlex
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Ventrac 4500 Tractor
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Club Car Carryall LSV Series
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Club Car Current Series
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Club Car Onward Series
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Club Car Utility Vehicles Series
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Morbark Wood Hog 2600
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Toro Reelmaster 5010-H
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Toro Multi Pro 5800
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Toro Greensmaster TriFlex Hybrid 3420
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Morbark Beever M12R Chipper
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Kipor Digital Generators

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Toro Sand Pro 2040Z
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Toro Dingo Compact Utility Loader
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Morbark Beever M15R Chipper
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Toro Multi Pro Sprayer 1750
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Morbark 1000 Tub Grinder
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1st Products VC-60 Verticutter
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Exmark Stand-On Spreader Sprayer
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Exmark Radius X-Series Zero-Turn Mower
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Exmark Lazer Z Diesel Zero-Turn Mower
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Gearmore PTB560 Spreader
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MT3 Tractor Series by LS Tractor
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